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Emptying of pails

Emptying of pails – Rope balancers for pails This double rope Manipulator type Posivel with gripping device suitable for handling and emptying pails is a simple, ergonomic and economical solution. The load balancing is automatic and allows emptying the pail in a balanced state. The represented Posivel Manipulator is in

Moving containers

Moving containers The manipulator Partner Equo, equipped with a specific pinch jaw tool, is able to move containers / baskets of any weight and size.

Handling of yoghurt packs

Handling of yoghurt packs Manipulator Partner Equo, column version, equipped with adjustable retractable fork tooling, suitable for gripping food products packed in special boxes arranged in multiple layers.

Plastic containers

Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a pinch jaws gripping device for the handling containers for food products, the gripping tooling allows the gripping of 1 or 3 containers from roller conveyor and positioning them on pallets.