• Manipulators with Rigid Arms
125 kg


  • Max weight capacity: 125 kg
  • Max working radius: 2800 mm
  • Vertical lift: 2450 mm
  • Working pressure: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa
  • Control system: solely pneumatic
  • Supply: filtrated compressed-air (40 µm), not lubricated
  • Noise level: <70 dB
  • Max vertical lifting speed: 0,5 meters/second
  • Working temperature: from +0° to +45° C
  • Consumption: from 50 Nl ÷ 100 Nl per working cycle
  • Rotations: – constant 360° on the column and tooling axis – 300° on the intermediate axis


  • Atex Column
  • Atex Fixed Overhead
  • Atex Overhead Running
  • Column
  • Fixed Overhead
  • Inox Column
  • Inox Fixed Overhead
  • Inox Overhead Running
  • Overhead Running


Thanks to the reduced dimensions, the MICROPARTNER MI is a lifting device particularly easy to handle, designed to move in a weightless condition medium-light, center and off-set loads in any direction. Equipped with special gripping tools it allows the operator to work quickly, with precision and without effort, in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions.

Fixed plate for floor anchoring Autostable base-plate for forklift truck Autostable base-plate for pallet truck
Base normale Basamento carrello elevatore Basamento transpallet
Manual autostable base-plate Trolley mounted base-plate Floor built-in track

Anchor flange
The pneumatic manipulator fixed overhead version allows to eliminate any floor obstructions.
The flange of the Manipulator is supplied with holes for the anchoring with screws to a strong plate to the ceiling or to a shelf.
All movements are free and are obtained with minimum effort by the direct action of the operator on the gripping tooling or on the load.

The Manipulator is supplied with an overhead trolley to run in a tracking system.
Tracking system
The tracking system is composed of two opposite aluminium U sections with connecting and stiffening ribs,complete with attachment points for an overhead suspension and end buffers. The junction between the various parts is done with screws.
The attachment of the tracking system to the supporting structure is carried out by means of rods and suspension brackets