Dalmec History – Dalmec products evolution over time

Dalmec has been one of the first Italian companies to produce equipments for the lifting and handling of manufactured goods.

伟大的sinc获取的经验e 1956, the year of construction in Tuenno in a small craft laboratory into the father house of Dallago brothers, has brought Dalmec S.p.A to plan and construct, with a great advance on the market demand, the technical solutions for the handling of manufactured products applied by the best and most qualified worldwide companies.

在五十年代,在一个经济和社会形势n offering poor prospects, Silvio Dallago, a farmer, encouraged his children to study. That is how, adding a solid formation to innate talent, the three Dallago brothers laid the foundations of their entrepreneurial future when the opportunity presented itself to take over an engineering workshop in Tuenno. The new activity was immediately characterized by a strong focus on local business, especially in relation to agriculture. All this led in 1957 to the development of a revolutionary machine, a winch that exploited the action of a self-winding spring and proved to be extraordinarily effective and safe. Commercial success was immediate across the valley. For Dalmec it was the start of a vocation still alive today: to reduce the weight of moving loads thanks to technology, easing the strain and increasing safety.

The Sixties brought the first large Dalmec plant in Cles. The business expanded to metal carpentry (1965), with the construction of several industrial warehouses in the Noce valleys, often to meet requests of the emerging fruit growing consortia and of the industrial concerns that settled in the province during the economic boom. At the same time, the company continued its technological research and development work, creating new electric lift trucks, new lifting platforms and, in 1966, the first industrial manipulators, a production sector that was going to evolve and grow enormously in the years to come. Again to the Sixties dates the participation in the first national and international trade fairs, supported bye promotional and advertising material that confirmed the Dallago brothers pioneering attitude and their willingness to go beyond the borders of their own entrepreneurial vision. The three make up a team, where each one of them fulfils a complementary role: Giorgio in the administration, Silvio Giulio in design and technology, Luciano in company strategy&organization and in marketing.

The Eighties brought Dalmec to a historic breakthrough: the company focused its production on pneumatic industrial manipulators, becoming in time a world leader in this sector. The innovation came from the brilliant intuition that compressed air could be used to create movement. Dalmec manipulators established themselves thanks to an extraordinary quality in design and technology, with many components covered by international patents, and thanks to a strong propensity for specialization, with specific solutions applied to different industrial sectors. Special “hands” each one with unique characteristics. Dalmec became synonymous with ergonomic, safe and effective handling of objects of different shape and consistency, from a minimum weight of 12 kg to a maximum of 1500 kg. In the years of the Azzurri Avalanche (1983), the mythical Italian Alpine skiing team, Dalmec patented a revolutionary product: “Simulski”, a simulator capable of recreating almost to perfection all the stresses a skier is subject to on the piste during a downhill race. A tool that could, according to the promotional material of the time, “build champions in a gym”.

In the mid 1980s Dalmec crossed the regional and national borders and in 1984 it opened a branch in the United States and France; in the same year, the network of contacts created by Luciano Dallago allowed the company to land overseas, in the United State. Subsequently, Dalmec multiplied its presence all over the world: Germany in 1986, Britain in 1990, Spain and Netherlands in 1998. In 2010 it was the turn of Asia, with the opening of a branch in China, followed in 2012 by another branch in India; at the same time, a widespread network of dealers was developed in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Today Dalmec is an active and well known industrial concern, enjoying high visibility all around the globe. The company, however, retains a strong local character. True to the spirit of the origins, Dalmec is at the forefront of innovation, combining research and development locally in the context of an ever changing Val di Non. Every activity, from design and production all the way up to testing, is carried out exclusively by internal staff. More than 60,000 Dalmec manipulators are installed in the best plants of the five continents all around the world. An effort that brought many development steps in Cles. In 2012 there were significant enlargement works of the plant and in 2013 was born the establishment of Dalmec Support. They are both forward-looking.