Dalmec has produced hundreds of Industrial Manipulators now in use in the best industries throughout the world for the handling of cheeses – hams – pasta packages – bottles and/or their packing – carton boxes – containers – tanks – bags etc. Dalmec manual lift assists represent smart and ergonomic solutions.

Dalmec manipulators allow you to lift and handle heavy products with the greatest ease. Whatever industry you work in, we always have a tailored solution for you. A team of creative designers, with the support of the best computer technology, is able to develop custom-made and avant-garde solutions, aimed at the ergonomic and safe use of our Manipulators by operators. Thanks to the trust and active collaboration of our customers all over the world, our know-how is constantly growing and looking for new challenges, in order to increase our leadership in solving handling problems of all kinds of products in all industrial environments. In the food sector, our manipulators for food are present in hundreds of industries and handle all types of products.

We are also able to supply the manipulator entirely in stainless steel, or with only the gripping tooling and the most exposed parts. The structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304 with few parts in AISI 420/421. Welding is mostly performed using MAG and MIG process in an inert gas atmosphere; major welds, from an aesthetic and functional standpoint, are grinded and polished. Visible surfaces are polished and brush-finished.