Posifil bags

  • Manipulators with Cable
60 kg
Posifil bags


  • Max weight capacity: 50 kg
  • Max working radius: 5000 mm
  • Vertical lift: 1800 mm
  • Working pressure: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa
  • Control system: pneumatic and electric
  • Supply: filtrated compressed-air (40 µm), not lubricated
  • Noise level: <76 dB
  • Max vertical lifting speed: 0,5 meters/second
  • Working temperature: from +0° to +45° C
  • Consumption: from 20 Nl ÷ 100 Nl per working cycle
  • Rotations: – constant 360° on the column and tooling axis - 300° on the intermediate axis


  • Atex Column
  • Atex Fixed Overhead
  • Atex Overhead Running
  • Column
  • Fixed Overhead
  • Inox Column
  • Inox Fixed Overhead
  • Inox Overhead Running
  • Overhead Running

Rope manipulator Posifil for bags, cartons, drums.

The POSIFIL Manipulator, equipped with electrical turbine vacuum pump, allows the handling of paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, rubber bales, drums etc., using standard or customized suction cups according to the applications.

This new vacuum integration on board the Posifil, allows to obtain extraordinary ergonomic benefits when handling bags in working environments with low ceiling heights, allowing the operator to use the Manipulator freely, in the available workspace.